Monday, February 13, 2012

It's My Kitchen and I'll Cry If I Want To

I'm pretty sure at some point I promised some backstory on the evolution of the kitchen. Let's start with the cabinets. Funny story. it's funny.

I originally wanted white beadboard cabinets with a subway tile backsplash...


...clean, yet cottage-y. After many weekend brunches at Home Depot, and a whole lot of back and forth between cabinet styles, colors, configurations, etc., I finally placed an order for Thomasville Ashton in Maple Pearl (white) and waited anxiously for them to arrive. Four weeks later, I excitedly tore open a box and saw........


Thomasville Cottage. As in, NOT beadboard.

My binder of house things was at my office (it was a Saturday), so I made Husband drive me across town to pick it up so I could confirm that HD screwed up.

Until I opened the binder and realized I signed off on (you guessed it)...Cottage.

Cue meltdown of epic proportions.

Two hours of ugly crying later, we discussed our options. Even though I CLEARLY remembered telling my designer that I had decided on the Ashton, somehow Cottage ended up in the actual order (as I said, there was a lot of back and forth - I'm terribly indecisive). So we decided we could either pay restocking and shipping fees to send back the Cottage and get the Ashton (which Husband was graciously willing to do - I think my meltdown scared him a little), OR I could put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

We chose the latter.

So our new kitchen inspiration became this:

Keep the shaker-style cabinets, lose the subway tile and switch to beadboard backsplash

And also this:

Love the combination of open shelving with glass-front doors
The mistake ended up being a blessing (kinda). The beadboard backsplash was easier to install than individual subway tiles (not to mention easier on our budget), and we could still achieve the same look. Plus, I learned the importance of READING EVERYTHING A BILLION TIMES BEFORE SIGNING OFF ON IT.

So as a reminder, here is what we started with:

And here is the in-between:

Are we having fun yet???
*Note: Husband got sheets of unfinished beadboard paneling and trim from Lowe's,
then sanded and painted it to match the cabinets. 
Please excuse the quality of the photos. Seems I took 98% of our "progress" shots with my iPhone. In poor lighting.

Good news, though. We recently got what I like to call a "big-girl" camera (YAY!), so I'm going to refrain from posting cruddy pics for a few days while I learn how to use it, and then I'll share some fabulous almost-finished kitchen shots. :)

Happy Monday!

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