Thursday, February 9, 2012

And We're Back!

Yikes. Has it really been 7 months since we've moved? A quick peek at my last post tells me it's true. And by, "I'll be back in a week!" I meant, "See ya in 2012!".

I mean, it's not like we haven't been But let's be honest. Sometimes, I'm just lazy. Sometimes, when I'm laying in bed at night, I think of a REALLY GREAT BLOG POST that will surely jump start my creativity and get me back on track. But then I fall asleep and forget what I wanted to say and wake up the next morning and don't feel like blogging anymore.

And so it goes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, returning to this blog is one of my resolutions for 2012 (along with running in a triathlon - I'll pause while you laugh). I'm anxious to share the progress we've made on the house, and the projects we still have to tackle. It's been a fun/crazy/awesome/stressful process. When people ask how we like the new house, I say, "We LOVE it". Sometimes, that's followed by, "But I wish our basement would quit flooding", or "I'm anxious to finish (insert any number of unfinished projects here)". But MOST of the time, we love it. Let's face it - old or new, houses can be a challenge. But I wake up every morning, happy to be here. I try not to take for granted the endless hours of work that Husband, Bill (my FIL) and our parents put in. Without their vision and knowledge (not to mention blood, sweat and tears -- ok, ok, MY tears), we never would have made an offer. I try to remember that when I'm bugging Husband about when we can get the rest of our kitchen cabinets. Turns out I'm OCD and impatient. He is SO lucky.

I still need to sort through millions of pictures from the last few months, but SOON (I mean it, this time!!), I'll post some before/after shots. Or more accurately, before/almost shots.

In the meantime, here's a little peek of what Christmas looked like at our FIRST HOUSE (two months late, but who's counting??).


Sidenote: Not only was this our first Christmas in the new house, but also our first real tree! We had an artificial tree in the condo, which worked perfectly for our space. Enter new house with 10-foot ceilings. Time for something a little bigger. If Husband thought I was neurotic before, he was in for a surprise. I may or may not have undecorated this tree (twice) because I couldn't get the lights perfectly spaced (bless those little pre-lit trees!!). This was after we took the first tree back because it looked crooked on top of our car (to be fair, we had only just left Costco and gone across the street to Home Depot when I decided we needed another one, so I'm not THAT crazy). While decorating, Husband very sweetly said to me, "Now I'm going to tell you something, and I don't want you to get your feelings hurt"...(don't you love that intro?)..."but I think your neuroses is such that you are not suited to a real tree."


I couldn't even argue.

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